Drivers of buses in Angarsk encouraged for compliance with traffic rules

In the city of Angarsk, state inspectors encouraged by letters of thanks to the drivers of buses who strictly follow the rules of the road.

During the operational and preventive event “Illegal Bus”, road police in the city held a number of hidden checks to detect violations of traffic rules by drivers of route vehicles, as a result of which some of them were brought to administrative responsibility. Most of the drivers were noted as law-abiding. In this connection, it was decided to encourage those who constantly comply with the road rules and take full responsibility for the safety on the roadway.

On December 27, the acting head of the traffic police department, Alexei Voronin, congratulated the drivers Vasily Semenov, Alexander Koleznev and Sergey Izgaryshev, who carry a large number of passengers almost daily. And he thanked them for their personal contribution to road safety in the Angarsk urban district.

As the drivers themselves noted: the number of vehicles on the roads is constantly increasing, and it becomes more difficult to drive a vehicle. I want all road users to show respect for each other and then there will be much less accidents on the roads.

According to OGIBDD AMIA Russia in the Angarsk urban district